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What equipment are you using?

You'll find all the info's regarding my equipment here. Please note that you'll only get some technical specs there, no sound presets or similar. These ones will be kept secret - except for my Patreon supporters.

Last update on 19.11.2020 by BoeseFuchs.

Can you join my band?

In general: of course! However, I have to check up if it fits humanly first and in addition I have to estimate expenses. :-)

Note: I'm currently not accepting requests to join new band formations!

Last update on 17.04.2018 by BoeseFuchs.

Do you have a boyfriend?

Never thought this would be the third most-asked question but - yes, I do have a boyfriend :-)

He's the one behind me and cares about my stuff, shoots all videos and much more.

Last update on 17.04.2018 by BoeseFuchs.

How long have you been making music / which instruments do you play?

Counting all the years from musical highschool additionally, it's 15 years now.

I'm playing the guitar since 2011 but came back to it with all my heart and soul at the beginning of 2018. Also began to play the bass guitar in 2016, drums in 2020. Started taking serious vocal lessons in 2020 as well.

Last update on 19.11.2020 by BoeseFuchs.

Why "Böse" Fuchs? Isn't it spelled wrong?

Yes, there's missing a "r" at the end and nope, I didn't forget to put it there. ;-)

There's a story behind the logo, told in short: a good friend of mine and supporter from the very beginning gave me "Böse Fuchs" as nickname and sent me the basic logo idea.  He lives in Great Britain though, so he can't speak german perfectly.

I didn't want to change this "mistake" because of respect and yeah - here we are. Nothing wrong with individuality. ;-)

Last update on 01.06.2018 by BoeseFuchs.